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SchoolTracker is a purpose-built educational management platform designed specifically to support school administrators and teachers in tracking and managing Time-in-Lieu accruals (TIL) and Time Acquittals. With significant changes to enterprise bargaining agreements, SchoolTracker ensures that school administrators can manage the complex task of accurately tracking time. The platform offers functionality tailored for part-time staff, varying work patterns, rotating and two-week timetabling, and provides options for bulk requests from administrators or self-management by staff. Unlock efficiency in Time-in-Lieu (TIL) and Time Acquittals tracking with SchoolTracker, effortlessly manage Time-in-Lieu with SchoolTracker.

Say goodbye to cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, labourious manual approvals, and intricate calculations. SchoolTracker is purpose-built for Schools and Educational Institutions, revolutionising the management of Time-in-Lieu with precision and simplicity.

Designed with the unique needs of educational settings in mind, SchoolTracker empowers school administrators to effortlessly handle the complexities of Time in Lieu management. This dedicated platform not only eliminates the hassles of manual processes but also ensures accuracy and compliance.

Tailored Functionality: SchoolTracker offers specialised features to accommodate part-time staff, varying work patterns, and two-week timetabling, simplifying the intricate task of managing diverse schedules.

Bulk Requests or Self-Management: Administrators can streamline processes with bulk requests, while staff members have the flexibility to manage their Time-in-Lieu autonomously.

Elevate your school's efficiency with SchoolTracker: the comprehensive solution for intelligent Time-in-Lieu management in educational institutions.

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  • Automatically Calculate Time in Lieu and Acquittals

    Say goodbye to manual calculations. SchoolTracker automates the calculation of time-in-lieu and acquittals.

  • Manage Activities

    With SchoolTracker, you can assign and manage various activities for your staff.

  • Provide Real-Time Reporting

    Gain valuable insights into staff attendance and time utilisation through SchoolTracker’s real-time reporting feature.

  • Automate Approvals

    SchoolTracker streamlines the approval process for time-in-lieu requests.

  • Complete Bulk Requests

    Administrators can process multiple time-in-lieu requests simultaneously, simplifying the management of staff requests and streamlining workflows.


Benefits of SchoolTracker

Easy to Use

Once the platform is set up, managing requests, approvals, and time is just a click of a button away.

Transparency of Time

Easily keep track of your Time-In-Lieu accruals with up-to-date data on your balances.

Cost Saving

Automate administrative tasks to lower operational costs associated with managing complex spreadsheets and requests.

Software as a Service

Access SchoolTracker anytime, anywhere via the internet without the need for school-based IT support.

Available 24/7

SchoolTracker is accessible around the clock to accommodate your needs.

Changes & Updates

Immediate availability of changes and updates to keep your platform up to date.

All in One Place

SchoolTracker offers a cost-effective solution with low monthly costs per user and no hidden fees.

One Low Setup Cost

Pay a single setup cost and enjoy the benefits of SchoolTracker.

Pay as You Go

Flexible payment options allow you to pay per employee, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Transparent Fee Structure

Clearly outlined fees with quarterly invoicing for flexibility if staff numbers change throughout the year.

Unlimited Data Storage

Store your data without limitations.

Ready to Use:

Get started with SchoolTracker within 24 hours of signing up.


With SchoolTracker, efficiently managing Time-in-Lieu becomes effortless, saving you time, money, and administrative effort. Join SchoolTracker today and experience the benefits of streamlined time management for your educational institution.

  • Only Pay for Active Staff:

    You are charged only for active staff members using the platform.

  • Transparent Fee Structure:

    Our fee structure is transparent and clearly communicated.

  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Invoicing:

    Enjoy the flexibility of quarterly invoicing, accommodating changes in staff numbers throughout the year.

With these powerful features, SchoolTracker empowers educational institutions to effectively manage staff, track time-in-lieu, automate approvals, and generate insightful reports, all in one user-friendly platform. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on your core educational goals.


Real-Time Data You
Can Trust

  • Accurate and Agile

    Our platform provides real-time data you can trust. With our agile system, you can easily manage staff hours, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Our platform is a cost-effective solution that optimizes staff hour management processes and reduces administrative workload. With SchoolTracker, you can save time and money.

  • Streamlined Approval Processes

    Our platform automates the capture and management of staff hour requests, ensuring streamlined approval processes and reducing human error.

Efficiently Manage Staff Hours with SchoolTracker

SchoolTracker is a powerful tool that allows you to effortlessly manage staff hours. With our platform, you can easily track, approve, and manage staff requests, ensuring compliance and accuracy. Schedule a demo today and see how SchoolTracker can help your school!

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