Time in Lieu calculation

Automatically Calculate Time-in-Lieu and Time Acquittals

Say goodbye to manual calculations. School and Tracker automates the calculation of time-in-li acquittals, eliminating human errors and providing accurate records.

Provide Real-Time Reporting

Gain valuable insights into staff attendance and time utilisation through SchoolTracker’s real-time reporting feature. Access up-to-date information on Time-in-Lieu balances, work hours, and attendance records whenever you need them.

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Automate Approvals

SchoolTracker streamlines the approval process for time-in-lieu requests. Administrators can easily review and' approve or reject requests, reducing delays and ensuring efficient management of staff time.

Manage Staff

SchoolTracker allows you to effectively manage your staff by providing a comprehensive system to track their time-in-lieu (TIL) and time accruals. Easily keep track of their work hours and schedules.

Staff Management
Time in Lieu Activity Management

Manage Activities

With SchoolTracker, you can assign and manage various activities for your staff, ensuring smooth operations and organised workflows within your educational institution.

Manage the complex school calender

SchoolTracker offers a comprehensive solution for managing the complex school calendar. Our school calendar application simplifies the process of organizing and maintaining school schedules, ensuring a smooth and efficient academic year. With SchoolTracker, you can seamlessly manage various calendar events, including two-week timetables, public holidays, and school holidays specific to each state. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy for administrators and staff to view, update, and share the school calendar. Say goodbye to manual scheduling challenges and embrace an organised and efficient school calendar management system with SchoolTracker.

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Complete Bulk Requests

Save time and effort by using SchoolTracker's bulk request feature. Administrators can process multiple time-in-lieu requests simultaneously, simplifying the management of staff requests and streamlining workflows.

Download Balances for Payroll

SchoolTracker enables you to download TIL balances directly from the platform. These balances can be seamlessly provided to your payroll system, ensuring accurate and efficient processing of staff compensation.

With these powerful features, SchoolTracker empowers educational institutions to effectively manage staff, track time-in-lieu, automate approvals, and generate insightful reports, all in one user-friendly platform. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on your core educational goals.

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